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GPS Tracking for Any Vehicle

DroneMobile GPS Tracking is all about enhancing your peace of mind. Our systems are discreet, powerful, and easy to use, ultimately granting you more control over your car and family security.


How It Works

Add GPS tracking to your vehicle with any one of our Drone X1 Modules. These modules have built-in LTE and GPS antennas to connect your smartphone to your car.

Once a Drone X1 Module is installed, you can instantly activate GPS car tracking and driver monitoring with your 30-Day Free Trial of DroneMobile Premium. At the end of your free trial, you can choose from any one of our flexible & affordable subscriptions.

Best Car Finder App

GPS Car Finder
Whether you have one vehicle, or an entire fleet, you can track your vehicle’s locations in seconds. Simply open the Track page in the DroneMobile App.


Directions to Your Car
Get directions to your vehicle’s location with a simple tap – powered by Apple® and Google® Maps!


Real-Time Location Alerts

Engine Alerts
Receive a push notification the moment your vehicle’s engine turns on or off.


Points of Interest (POIs)
POIs work like engine alerts, but only at addresses specified by you (up to 10 per vehicle).


Create boundaries to be notified when your vehicle enters/exits an area. If your vehicle has a Drone X1 Module, you can have up to 5 Geofences.

Driver Monitoring

Great for staying connected with your family’s young drivers!

Family Sharing
Share vehicle control and GPS tracking with your family members from the DroneMobile App. Learn More >


Speeding Alerts
Set a max speed for your vehicle to get alerts when your car exceeds the limit.


Curfew Monitoring
Set a window of time for authorized use of your vehicle. Get notified if it is driven outside of that window.


Vehicle Fleet Tracking

DroneMobile is an excellent vehicle tracking and management solution for small to mid-sized fleets. Track any of your vehicles on your smartphone or computer at any time and set vehicle-specific alerts so that you can stay on top of your business!

Track Vehicle Health

Track more than just your car's location with DroneMobile Vehicle Health features! Check your vehicle's battery status and get maintenance alerts/reminders so that you can avoid costly, unexpected car breakdowns!


Do I Need a Subscription?

DroneMobile Premium is our most popular subscription because it enables GPS tracking, speeding alerts, and curfew monitoring for your car. With flexible monthly and/or annual billing plans starting at $7.99/month, DroneMobile Premium is the subscription for you!

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